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Host Consult Ltd have been formed to simplify the procurement of hosting solutions in a complex and congested marketplace, where many buzzwords are bandied about – what do they all mean? Cloud, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and more – it can be a minefield!

The team at Host Consult Ltd have been working in the hosting and connectivity sector for almost 20 years and have an unrivalled breadth of knowledge covering the complete spectrum of hosted infrastructure services, including server and rack colocation, data centre solutions, managed and unmanaged complex dedicated hosting and of course let’s not forget cloud hosting.

Our expert team will discuss your requirements with you in accordance with your level of technical ability and make recommendations on the options that are available to you for immediate, mid and long-term scalability of your hosted infrastructure.

We can also advise on disaster recovery and business continuity as well as technologies such as Virtual Desktop and VOIP telephony. Of course, you may well need to connect to your infrastructure as well, so it goes without saying that we can also arrange a number of connectivity options, either for your offices, home-workers or inter-datacentre connectivity.

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