Our clients are our lifeblood – here’s what they say about Host Consult

Our clients demand the highest levels of quality and service. With Host Consult, you can be sure that we’ll recommend the partner hosting companies that most align with your companies’ business drives. Don’t believe us? well, let’s see what they say:


A few of Host Consult’s Happy Clients

Keepnet Ltd

Keepnet Ltd, a Managed Service and SaaS Provider based in Milton Keynes engaged Host Consult to find a new colocation partner to help reduce costs and to help align with the company’s changing needs. Host Consult discussed the new requirements with Kevin and sought a number of proposals that we felt most matched or exceeded these requirements.

Keepnet identified a need to find a new suitable facility to better match one of our brands and to suit our growth plans. We also acknowledged the rapid development of the market since we had last undertaken such a project. We wanted help from someone we could trust to have the inside knowledge of the market especially in the UK. They had to be able to understand our requirements and expectations and feed back to us options we may not have considered.

Host Consult listened to us, helped scope the possibilities and saved us a whole lot of leg work to present consistently costed quotes at levels not seen in the general market. They then worked for us in negotiations which resulted in improved terms and finally to have contracts ready for review and signature. The migration was planned by us and as we had the right new partner facility it progressed with minimal fuss and disruption. Over the course of just 10 days the entire infrastructure was split and moved with close to zero down time for any service.

In our experience Host Consult helped turn a potentially difficult and costly project into a far more manageable and successful one.

Avonlea Consulting Ltd

Avonlea Consulting approached Host Consult a few months back to source a low cost colocation solution to host data on behalf of both Avonlea Consulting and a partner company, Daemon Directory Services. We went to the market place and selected three key vendors for our clients consideration and the decision was made to move ahead with one of our partner companies.

Avonlea Consulting specialises in advising SMEs on how best to gain demonstrable business benefit from their IT infrastructure. We specialise in the delivery of Web based solutions that consolidate systems and automate business process, reducing costs, improving data quality and enabling the businesses to effectively respond to change.

In addition Avonlea Consulting provides and manages a number of Web sites for the benefit of the local community on a charitable basis.

The key issue faced by Avonlea Consulting was how to provide a low cost hosted solution for these specialist Web sites when the system requirements made it impossible to deploy to a hosted server environment.

In partnership with Daemon Directory Services, Avonlea Consulting approached Host Consult seeking a low cost hosting solution that would meet their individual, yet very different requirements. Host Consult were quickly able to translate our needs into possible solutions and provide a number of different options, including one that offered the expansion capability to meet future demands yet still providing exceptional value for money.

Once the decision was made, Host Consult efficiently brokered the deal, made more complex by the need to work with both Avonlea Consulting and Daemon Directory Services.

The systems are now installed and operational in a first class hosting centre thanks to Host Consult.

Subsequent to installing their infrastructure in a Host Consult partner DC, Avonlea Consulting unfortunately suffered a fan failure in one of their servers which was dealt with in a most efficient manner by our partner DC and Paul got in touch to express again how happy he was with the high levels of service once again delivered by our partner DC:

You may remember a few months ago you recommended we use UK Servers for hosting provision. This email is to thank you for your excellent recommendation.

In my view a quality service provider is neither “seen nor heard”. The service they provide just “works” without any fuss. This is what we have experienced with UK Servers, a high quality server hosting service.

However, the real test of the service provider comes when something goes wrong.

A few days ago, one of our servers shut down due to failed fans. The help and support provided by David at UK Servers was more than excellent. He did all he could to minimise the impact of the failure and to rectify the problem when the new fans we ordered arrived. We could not have asked for better.

I would have no hesitation in recommending UK Servers in Coventry to any of your other clients.

Real Hosts Ltd

Real Hosts Ltd contacted us to see if we could improve on their current data-centre pricing and improve service levels. Once again, Host Consult contacted a number of key facilities we felt would suit and identified an opportunity to split Peter’s existing infrastructure across two data-centres and provide cross-connectivity between sites to offer additional resilience – whilst still providing a considerable cost-saving benefit.

Real Hosts have been providing hosting related services since 2002 and have operated as Real Hosts Limited since 2006 offering Dedicated Servers, Colocation, Rack Space and more recently fully redundant Cloud based services.

Having dealt with Ricky previously and knowing his background and broad range of contacts within the industry we had no objections with reaching out to Host Consult in order to find a new location to relocate our infrastructure. Host Consult quickly found a partner company and were not only able to reduce our costs significantly but the solution provided also allowed us to increase our own service level and offerings.

We would more than happily recommend Host Consult to others as well as use their services again in the future.

Get in touch with Host Consult now and let us take the strain in helping you to find your perfect hosting partner.