Non-standard Colocation? no problem!

Ever wanted to colocate a Mini-ATX server, Mac Mini server or the like but found that this is tricky in the standard shared per U pricing model? Look no further, as our Milton Keynes partner can help.

Our partner provides co-location lockers with the dimensions 316mm x 365mm x 427mm – enough to host a up to five Mac-Mini servers and the best thing is that you pay per locker, not per device.

A single locker with 0.5a power and 10TB data-transfer is just £49/month + VAT with £49/set-up and access is 24/7/365 – you get your own PAC tag and can come and go as you please. You can add additional power and bandwidth if required also for a small additional monthly fee

If this sounds perfect for your requirements then get in touch.

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