Digital Ocean Redux – Cloud platform now at 163,000 web-facing PC’s

In what is surely envious growth to the multitude of cloud-infrastructure providers all fighting to be seen as ‘the best’ for all, Digital Ocean has taken another massive jump in the number of web-facing machines on the internet.

When we last reported on this back in November, Digital Ocean (DO), who at the time had around 113,000 web-facing machines, had taken third place in the list of top cloud-providers and we now hear that they have jumped into second place, just behind Amazon Web Services, the undoubted commercial leader in the sector. With 163,000 machines visible to the world, they are now at half the total of the public-facing total machines that Amazon have live at present, but with growth like this, and the increase in aggregators providing automated provisioning tools that work with the DO platform, this will surely increase over the coming months.

Will we see a new leader in this competitive sector? The next few 6-12 months should be interesting, that’s for sure!

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