18% of UK Colo customers ready to switch DC’s

Recent research carried out by a data-centre operator has shown that 18.6% of colo clients nationally are ready to switch data-centres.

The research, carried out by managed hosting and colocation company CoreIX, shows that the major complaint is unexpected charges levied by their DC’s and the lack of pricing transparency.

With more new entrants to the marketplace over the last 24 months and the range of options available across the new pre-existing operators and new entrants, alongside falling pricing across the arena and more boutique-style offerings from a number of the new independent operators means that there has never been a better time to re-evaluate your existing commitments. Host Consult are perfectly placed to offer our advice and our assistance if your company is one of the 18%.

Get in touch and let us aid you in ensuring you are aware of all the best that the marketplace has to offer.

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18.6% of clients ready to switch datacentres