Introducing: CloudPilot

At Host Consult, we like to bring you the latest news on excellent products, designed to simplify management of your hosted infrastructure as well as aid in procurement. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the release of a new cloud monitoring and management platform from our partners at Loading Deck Ltd.

The ethos of cloud computing is to make sophisticated technology easily accessible, with a low overhead and little tie-in. The market achieves this to some extent but cloud consumers don’t always get everything they need. Keeping track of your cloud infrastructure, making sure it’s stable and migrating when necessary are still open challenges.

Loading Deck has been tackling these challenges in its release of CloudPilot, a service that monitors your cloud infrastructure, can make and restore backups, alert you by email or SMS when there is a problem, benchmark your server to keep track of its performance and migrate it quickly and automatically when there is a cost saving or performance improvement to be had.

CloudPilot is currently in its initial public beta. It’s free to try, and most of the above features are already present. This means that you can take advantage of detailed, easy to use and beautiful server monitoring, high-availability backups and much more, completely free of charge at the moment. By taking part, you can also help shape the service’s future.

Loading Deck is a cloud consultancy company based in Lancaster. It provides server management, development and consultancy services to a range of businesses worldwide.

For more information and to sign up, please visit CloudPilot


Spare quarter racks in Volta

We have been asked by a partner of ours to see if there is any interest in a couple of quarter racks that he has spare in Volta at present.

0.5kw is available at £190/month and 1kW is available at £330/month. This might be of interest for a company looking to get a presence at the site as Volta are growing steadily now and have seen a lot of uptake in recent months. There is a wealth of connectivity onsite and a number of options are available for QinQ/VLAN’s, waves and fibre back to key locations. For more information, to order or arranage a visit to the site, please e-mail sales@host-consult.net