Non-standard Colocation? no problem!

Ever wanted to colocate a Mini-ATX server, Mac Mini server or the like but found that this is tricky in the standard shared per U pricing model? Look no further, as our Milton Keynes partner can help.

Our partner provides co-location lockers with the dimensions 316mm x 365mm x 427mm – enough to host a up to five Mac-Mini servers and the best thing is that you pay per locker, not per device.

A single locker with 0.5a power and 10TB data-transfer is just £49/month + VAT with £49/set-up and access is 24/7/365 – you get your own PAC tag and can come and go as you please. You can add additional power and bandwidth if required also for a small additional monthly fee

If this sounds perfect for your requirements then get in touch.


New UK/Europe connectivity promotion

We’ve heard of a very competitive new promotion from one of our key UK and European connectivity partners who are building new POP’s in Equinix LD4/LD5 in Slough.

To celebrate the launch of the new PoP’s our partner is offering 10Gbs DWDM Waves between either site to TeleCity Harbour Exchange (HEX), Sovereign House (SOV) or InterXion London for just £500/month plus VAT, plus a one-off connection fee.

In additional our partner has some spare capacity in their Frankfurt PoP for similar prices.

These prices won’t last forever so if this is of interest then please do get in touch by e-mailing sales@host-consult.net or visiting our Contact Page.


IOMart acquires ServerSpace for £4.25m

iomart also reported the acquisition of ServerSpace (post period) for a maximum consideration of £4.25 million. ServerSpace provides cloud and managed hosting as well as colocation and connectivity and was named by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK in 2012 and 2013. Customers include the Jurys Inns hotel group and Car Shop, the UK’s leading car supermarket group..

Congratulations to Tim-Pat Dufficy and all at ServerSpace!

Read more about the acquisition and IOMart’s 28% annual growth