Virtual, Private and Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Flexibile, resilient and secure virtualised infrastructure

What is Cloud Hosting, or Cloud Computing? If you were to ask ten different hosting companies you would more than likely receive ten different responses – each company proclaiming that their particular cloud hosting solution is best for your needs for reasons ‘X’ and ‘Y’. This only really serves to confuse and confound the client, making procurement even more difficult and time-consuming.

The truth in reality is that indeed, each hosting company may well have their own interpretation of what comprises a cloud hosting platform – but we here at Host Consult believe that we can simplify the procurement of cloud hosting solutions based on the customer requirement.

For example, do you have a complex hosting platform that needs to have in-built resilience and automatic fail-over? Do you need your platform to be hosted from a number of different geographical locations and do you run any databases that need to be synced across these locations?

Or is it simply that you want a simple managed web server to host your website that auto-scales resources at times of load – such as when you go live with a major promotion, ensuring that your hard-spent marketing dollars aren’t going to waste when your platform isn’t able to cope when thousands of visitors are all trying to hit your website at the same time?

In any of the above circumstances – and indeed in many not mentioned above, Host Consult can advise and assist.

Cloud Hosting from Host Consult:

  • Pay only for the server resources that you use.
  • All platforms designed with in-built infrastructure resilience
  • Managed infrastructure throughout
  • Additional resources available when you need it – either automatically or when manually requested
  • Quick deployment – typically less than one hour
  • Many platforms can scale resources instantly without the need for reboot
  • Servers can be deployed across a number of UK, US, European or other geographic locations
  • Dynamic fail-over between locations available
  • Private Cloud (single tenant), Public Cloud (multi-tenant) and Hybrid Cloud (Virtual and Physical resources) available
  • Virtual Data Centre – have complete control of your hosted infrastructure with one-click provisioning. Add production servers when required and development/test servers for as little as one hour, with per-hour billing
  • High-bandwidth, Resilient networks to support bandwidth spikes
  • Managed DDoS and Firewall protection
  • Managed File/Block Level backup and VM Snapshot service

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