It’s here! VMWare vSphere 6 released

After what seems a lifetime since the last full release of vSphere 5, VMWare has announced that vSphere 6 has now been released.

It has been 4 months since the vSphere 6 release candidate was made available but users will be pleased to finally have the full release available for deployment.

There are many new features in this new iteration of the hypervisor Goliath’s cloud platform – including OpenStack inclusion implementation and OneCloud(TM) and the foundation of the ‘software-defined-data-centre.’

Key Features

  • 64 Hosts per Cluster (from 32 Hosts)
  • 8000 Virtual Machines per cluster (from 4000 VM’s)
  • Support for 480 CPU’s (from 320 CPU’s)
  • 12TB RAM supported (from 4TB)
  • 1000 virtual machines per host (from 512 VM’s)
  • Now supporting up to 128 vCPU’s per VM
  • Instant Clone* – Technology, built in vSphere 6.0, that lays that foundation to rapidly clone and deploy virtual machines, as much as 10x faster than what is currently possible today (derived from Project Fargo)
  • Managed using vSphere/Openstack management interface
  • VIO – VMWare Integrated OpenStack
  • upgraded to VSAN 6 – VVOL’s
  • There’s much more than mentioned above – You can read more on the new platform on the VMWare website


    Popular Server manufacturer Supermicro now $2bn company

    Datacentre and hosting company favourite Supermicro are now on course to turn-over $2bn in hardware over the next twelve months after hitting a quarterly run-rate of $500m for the last quarter, The Register has reported this morning

    The Register has commented on these figures and anticipate a growth to $1bn per quarter in two quarter’s time:


    Our reading of the situation is that Super Micro is going to emerge from the pack, extrapolating that growth rate, as a near $1bn/quarter company in two quarters’ time, potentially overtaking Cisco and Oracle server revenues.

    By adopting SanDisk’s ULLtraDIMM technology Super Micro should make its servers exhibit lower latency for data accesses to flash than any mainstream server supplier, except Lenovo which is also adopting the technology – assuming SanDisk supplier Diablo and Netlist sort out their who-owns-what-IP dispute. ®

    Read more here.


    Host Consult at UKNOF 30

    Host Consult Ltd are at UKNOF 30 today – why not come and say hi?

    On now: Tim Rossiter on Sky’s Next-gen core broadband network.


    Promotion – Midlands Colocation

    If you need rackspace and you are located in the Midlands region then our partner has some excellent rack-space offers in place at present and are pleased to be able to extend these offers to our clients also.

    Midlands Colocation

    • 11U
    • £150+VAT
    • 2a power
    • 10Mbs Bandwidth
    • 2 x 1000Mbs ports
    • 1U 8 Port APC Remote Reboot PD
    • 6A max power – charged at £30/Amp
    • 21U
    • £275+VAT
    • 4a power
    • 25Mbs Bandwidth
    • 2 x 1000Mbs ports
    • 1U 8 Port APC Remote Reboot PDU
    • 10A max power – charged at £30/Amp

    For more information or to order then get in touch.


    Microsoft and Google in Full-disclosure vulnerability scrap

    Seems that Microsoft isn’t happy with Google’s Security Team, Project-Zero announcing the presence of so-called ‘0-day’ vulnerabilities that it discovers in the wild.

    This week, however, Microsoft Security Response Center Senior Director Chris Betz noted in a blog post that his team does not take that stance that full, public disclosure is not needed to push software vendors to fix vulnerabilities and help customers protect themselves. “It is necessary to fully assess the potential vulnerability, design and evaluate against the broader threat landscape, and issue a ‘fix’ before it is disclosed to the public, including those who would use the vulnerability to orchestrate an attack.”,

    With many resources available on the internet already offering full-disclosure of 0-day vulnerabilities, is this just Microsoft posturing against Google? or do they have a point? Should notification of 0-day vulnerabilities be provided behind closed-doors rather than for public dissemination?

    Read more on this story here.


    Happy New Year! New Year Connectivity Promotion

    We at Host Consult hope that you had a great Christmas – here’s to a prosperous New Year!

    We are only five days into the new year and already we hear of an excellent connectivity promotion from one of our connectivity partners that we couldn’t not share with you.

    European IP Transit offer

    – Full port 1000Mbps Global BGP @ £300/€360/$500 per month
    – Full port 10,0000Mps Global BGP @ £3000/€3600/$5000 per month

    This is available on an extensive network at any of the following POP’s:

    London Telehouse North
    London Telehouse East
    London Global Switch 2
    London Telecity Meridian Gate
    London Telecity Harbour Exchange 8-9
    Manchester Ball Green 1
    Manchester Ball Green 2
    Manchester Telecity Kilburn House
    Manchester Telecity Williams House
    Manchester Telecity Reynolds House
    Manchester Telecity Joule House
    Manchester Telecity Synergy House
    Amsterdam Telecity 2 Southeast AMS2
    Amsterdam Nikhef
    Frankfurt Ancotel (Equinix)
    Paris Telehouse Voltaire
    Prague Sitel
    Brussels AXS Datahouse
    Brussels Interxion
    Bucharest NXData

    This is a high quality transit mix – approximately 50% of routes are the connectivity providers own direct peering within Europe with the rest made up from a variety of Tier-1 transit providers.


    – 1yr contract term (1 month free trial with cooling-off period. Ie, free transit for a month to make sure they’re happy with the quality, then a 12 month term starts if they don’t cancel it)
    – No overages (full ports only on this offer)
    – Free setup (excluding cross-connects)
    – Prices are +VAT where applicable

    Layer 2 Backhaul

    In addition our partner can also provide Layer 2 Backhaul between any of the data-centres listed above.

    Protected Layer 2 Backhaul between on-net datacentres in the same city would at £150/month for 100Meg or £350/month for gigE. Additionally, Passive 10G DWDM channels are available at £350/month too within London or Manchester.

    If this fantastic offer is of interest to you then get in touch for further information.


    Non-standard Colocation? no problem!

    Ever wanted to colocate a Mini-ATX server, Mac Mini server or the like but found that this is tricky in the standard shared per U pricing model? Look no further, as our Milton Keynes partner can help.

    Our partner provides co-location lockers with the dimensions 316mm x 365mm x 427mm – enough to host a up to five Mac-Mini servers and the best thing is that you pay per locker, not per device.

    A single locker with 0.5a power and 10TB data-transfer is just £49/month + VAT with £49/set-up and access is 24/7/365 – you get your own PAC tag and can come and go as you please. You can add additional power and bandwidth if required also for a small additional monthly fee

    If this sounds perfect for your requirements then get in touch.


    New UK/Europe connectivity promotion

    We’ve heard of a very competitive new promotion from one of our key UK and European connectivity partners who are building new POP’s in Equinix LD4/LD5 in Slough.

    To celebrate the launch of the new PoP’s our partner is offering 10Gbs DWDM Waves between either site to TeleCity Harbour Exchange (HEX), Sovereign House (SOV) or InterXion London for just £500/month plus VAT, plus a one-off connection fee.

    In additional our partner has some spare capacity in their Frankfurt PoP for similar prices.

    These prices won’t last forever so if this is of interest then please do get in touch by e-mailing or visiting our Contact Page.


    IOMart acquires ServerSpace for £4.25m

    iomart also reported the acquisition of ServerSpace (post period) for a maximum consideration of £4.25 million. ServerSpace provides cloud and managed hosting as well as colocation and connectivity and was named by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK in 2012 and 2013. Customers include the Jurys Inns hotel group and Car Shop, the UK’s leading car supermarket group..

    Congratulations to Tim-Pat Dufficy and all at ServerSpace!

    Read more about the acquisition and IOMart’s 28% annual growth


    Nearly 50% of clients ‘failed or stalled’ their cloud hosting migrations

    Nearly half of organisations polled in a recent survey admitted they had failed or stalled their cloud hosting implementations, with a further half claiming they had to alter their budget and a whopping 70% force to make changes to their design.

    These are the latest figures from a study of 358 respondents conducted by INetU and THINKStrategies entitled “The Adventures of Moving to the Cloud”, which aims to show CIOs and business managers it’s not a “walk in the park” to migrate over.

    Only 27% of clients were ‘extremely happy’ with their Cloud Hosting Provider. Of these 27%, 96% of Client platforms are managed by their provider.

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