Sad News – Simon Campbell-Whyte of DCA

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the sad passing of Simon Campbell-Whyte of the Data Centre Alliance who passed away after a short fight against Cancer on Sunday 25th October.

The Team at Host Consult have known and worked with Simon for many years through his various roles within the IT industry and Simon was a key member of the team pushing for a European Datacentre Tiering standard.

Our thoughts out out to his family and friends at this sad time.

Steve Hone’s post on Linked In


Microsoft Critical Update – Windows Vista and above

Microsoft have reported a vulnerability that needs urgent attention and should be patched immediately.

This update uses a vulnerability that could allow remote code execution if a user opens a specially crafted document or visits an untrusted webpage that contains embedded OpenType fonts.

This means that should you visit a webpage that has been compromised in this manner then you’ll get compromised also and your data and security is in danger.

We recommend that you patch your machines instantly with the latest critical update to protect against this.

Patch now!


Unbelievable City rack pricing!

One of our partners has asked Host Consult to find homes for racks in City Based data-centres with quite unbelievable pricing. This pricing is not to be missed and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The quicker you can get in, the more chance you have of securing this space

42U Racks
Tier III data-centres
1kw/2kw/3kW/4kw + 2 x 4kW pricing

Each full rack includes 100Mbs transit on a 1000Mbs port. Single power as standard but dual power can be provided for a one-off set-up fee.

1kW rack inclusive of power and 100Mbs transit from £300/month
2kW rack inclusive of power and 100Mbs transit from £400/month
4kW rack inclusive of power and 100Mbs transit from £650/month
2 x 4kW rack inclusive of power and 100Mbs transit £1250/month

They also have a redundant hosting starter pack available which gives the following.

2Kw rack in each of the two Tier III Dc’s above.
CWDM 1G/10G Passive wavelength between the sites(speed dependant on optics customer chooses).
100Mb CDR bandwidth on 1Gig feeds into each DC.
BGP feed as standard. IP’s are available at a cost of £1 per IP or in blocks at a discounted rate(see IP Transit Page)
All the above for just £1000 per month with no setup costs.

This pricing is VERY limited so do please get straight in touch today to secure your space.

e-mail to book your space


Multi-site Colocation Promotion

One of our partner companies has increased their space in both Volta in Central London and LDEX in North London and we have negotiated some excellent pricing for hosting across both of these sites, including a generous IP transit allowance and cross-site connectivity. This is perfect for those organisations looking to gain a presence in these excellent facilities without needing to invest massively in infrastructure and connectivity. Our partner can offer the following for interested parties:

– Two 42U full racks – One in each of Volta and LDeX
– £1100 per month rental
– £1100 total setup
– 1000 Mbps redundant layer-2 interconnect between the racks (copper, fibre or VLAN presentation)
– 1000 Mbps internet access circuit in each site (copper, fibre or VLAN presentation, 50 Mbps CDR total)
– 1.85kW (8 Amps) per rack, 3.7kW total power
– Dual redundant PDUs included
– Installation services available
– Additional power and racks available on request
– 10% annual contract uplift, 12 month initial term

Prices are excluding VAT, subject to contract and credit.

Our partner has plenty of IPv4 addressing and is currently offering additional /24 routed ranges for lease at a cost of £75/month when taken with rack space.

Is this of interest? e-mail for more information.


Digital Ocean Redux – Cloud platform now at 163,000 web-facing PC’s

In what is surely envious growth to the multitude of cloud-infrastructure providers all fighting to be seen as ‘the best’ for all, Digital Ocean has taken another massive jump in the number of web-facing machines on the internet.

When we last reported on this back in November, Digital Ocean (DO), who at the time had around 113,000 web-facing machines, had taken third place in the list of top cloud-providers and we now hear that they have jumped into second place, just behind Amazon Web Services, the undoubted commercial leader in the sector. With 163,000 machines visible to the world, they are now at half the total of the public-facing total machines that Amazon have live at present, but with growth like this, and the increase in aggregators providing automated provisioning tools that work with the DO platform, this will surely increase over the coming months.

Will we see a new leader in this competitive sector? The next few 6-12 months should be interesting, that’s for sure!

More at Digital Ocean becomes second largest hosting company in the world


Priority – TeleCity HEX 8&9 2kW racks available at just £775/month

A small number of racks have been made available at TeleCity HEX 8&9 by one of our partner organisations on a first-come, first-served basis.

These racks are in the providers own private suite with access 24/7/365. The footprints will be provided with 2kW of power included and each rack include 30 mins of remote hands labour per month.

If you are looking to POP HEX or are looking for excellent pricing for additional racks in the facility then e-mail or – this offer is only available until all of these available racks are filled.

The price of these racks is £775/month per 2kW footprint including power plus £500/set-up.


IIX acquires IX Reach

More news from IIX who had recently acquired Allegro Networks.

SANTA CLARA, CA AND LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, Apr 07, 2015 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — IIX Inc., the global software defined interconnection company, today announced that it has acquired IX Reach Limited, a global network solutions provider and number one partner to leading Internet Exchange Points around the world.

With this acquisition, the combined organizations expand their global interconnection footprint to more than 150 Points of Presence (PoP) across various regions in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The expansion will also bring the company’s software defined interconnection platform into more markets across the globe, enabling simple, secure and programmable direct network connections between content providers, cloud application providers and other enterprises.

As noted above, IIX now boasts 150 POP’s across a number of territories and the acquisition of IXReach can only strengthen their position in a very competitive market place.

For the official release more here.


Introducing: CloudPilot

At Host Consult, we like to bring you the latest news on excellent products, designed to simplify management of your hosted infrastructure as well as aid in procurement. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the release of a new cloud monitoring and management platform from our partners at Loading Deck Ltd.

The ethos of cloud computing is to make sophisticated technology easily accessible, with a low overhead and little tie-in. The market achieves this to some extent but cloud consumers don’t always get everything they need. Keeping track of your cloud infrastructure, making sure it’s stable and migrating when necessary are still open challenges.

Loading Deck has been tackling these challenges in its release of CloudPilot, a service that monitors your cloud infrastructure, can make and restore backups, alert you by email or SMS when there is a problem, benchmark your server to keep track of its performance and migrate it quickly and automatically when there is a cost saving or performance improvement to be had.

CloudPilot is currently in its initial public beta. It’s free to try, and most of the above features are already present. This means that you can take advantage of detailed, easy to use and beautiful server monitoring, high-availability backups and much more, completely free of charge at the moment. By taking part, you can also help shape the service’s future.

Loading Deck is a cloud consultancy company based in Lancaster. It provides server management, development and consultancy services to a range of businesses worldwide.

For more information and to sign up, please visit CloudPilot


Spare quarter racks in Volta

We have been asked by a partner of ours to see if there is any interest in a couple of quarter racks that he has spare in Volta at present.

0.5kw is available at £190/month and 1kW is available at £330/month. This might be of interest for a company looking to get a presence at the site as Volta are growing steadily now and have seen a lot of uptake in recent months. There is a wealth of connectivity onsite and a number of options are available for QinQ/VLAN’s, waves and fibre back to key locations. For more information, to order or arranage a visit to the site, please e-mail


Microsoft Patch Tuesday – 56 historic vuln’s patched! 3 Critical…

It’s that time again, and Microsoft have really gone to town this week with ‘9 security bulletins to patch 56 unique vulnerabilities’in Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Server software. Of the nine security bulletins, three are rated Critical in severity, and among these three is one that addresses a years-old design flaw that can be exploited remotely to grant attackers administrator-level access to the targeted machine of device.

Additionally, it has been reported that KB3001652 has had issues for some users due to a perceived bug – causing system lock-ups during install. This has now been removed from the update.

More info on the root-level bug here.